Drafting Portfolio


The Davis Applied Technology College provides training in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design through a self-paced program where students learn by using the actual tools used in the professional field. The course of study focuses on learning to use AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Revit.

After I completed my course, I put together a 5-minute video showcasing some of the items I had built, which you can view here. Some samples are also availble for viewing below.



Title blocks have been cropped from these drawings


After Graduation

One of the projects I have been engaged in during my freetime is creating a webcomic called "Mischief in Maytia." One of the decisions I made with this comic was to render many of the backgrounds in Maya. While I deliberately labored to keep the materials and shading effects to conform with the look of a comic, I also took my time to ensure that the houses and objects were all built to scale and reflected the quality and detail one would want from a technical drawing.

These are a few of the more aparant examples, but such renderings are visible throughout the comic. (The backgrounds in the actual world of Maytia, however, are drawn by hand to resemble a painting, as are the earlier pages which take place in a park.)