Artwork, Pictures, and Images

Truthfully, I've never considered myself an artist, but that doesn't mean that I haven't tried my hand at drawing from time to time.  Drawing is fun.  And you know what else is fun?  Photography.

I do not try to look to either of these endeavors as something I seek to do make a career out of, but they are enjoyable pastimes that produce pieces that one would like to share with the world.  So, here they are, a convenient collection of the images I have created.

Mischief in Maytia

Easily the biggest undertaking I have made in the world of visual arts, this is a webcomic I continue to work on, and I try to post a new page each week.


I was dissatisfied with my drawing skills, so began a project to draw a picture every day to help them improve.  I kept up with it for about a month before I decided that it was consuming too much of my time, but you can see the fruits of those labors here, as well as any other miscelaeous drawing I make make.

(This page is still in progress; coming soon!)



Pictures taken for aesthetic effects.

(This page is still in progress; coming soon!)


Pictures taken because I found them amusing.

(This page is still in progress; coming soon!)