Gaming Projects

Video games have long been a passion of mine. Not simply for the hours of entertainment, but for the adventures they bring, the worlds they let you explore, and the stories they let you be personally invovled in.

I have never been content to simply participate in one of these great adventures, and I have long since singed to create one of my own. From the days when I was a small child, taping together pieces of paper to design my own levels, to a slightly older child scribbling designs in notebooks I still have, to a teenager creating custom maps for Duke Nukem 3D, to a young adult striving to taek all this and put the rubber to the road.

It is my goal to create these same kinds of adventures I have loved since my youth, and since I no longer need to constrain these adventures to my own mind, but have gained the capacity to create something that can actually be played by others, I find it pertenant to share my labors with the world.

Presented on this site are some samples and information on the more note-worthy gaming projects I have taken on in my adult life. I have divided these projects according to the ones I am currently laboring on, the ones I have set asside, and the ones that have finished.


These are the projects I am currently working on, which became my primarly goals once UDK was released.

Solius: The Magic Castle

A classic side-scrolling platformer.


A Zelda-Style Action RPG.


The few projects I have brought to completion that can be shared with the world.

(More information coming soon)


Regrettably, not all projects are ones worth finishing, or at least, not at this time.

(More information coming soon)