There are a number of purposes behind this site.

For one, I like to post information about some projects I work on, and more importantly, keep an update or development log because this helps me keep myself on track and motivated.

For another, I wanted a consolidated place to organize and display a number of publicly-shared works I have created. In particular, I wanted to organize my YouTube videos, as a YouTube channel only lists videos in the reverse-order they were uploaded, and I wanted to be able to group them according to content and series.

And finally, like many personal sites, I use it to showcase a sample of my portfolio in a number of fields in which I frequently seek employment.

History of this site:

I was running a personal website that I started many years ago, which at the time was mostly used as a means to have fun writing a few articles, mostly dedicated to offering my opinion on various video games. I moved to other projects and from time to time I would go back to my site and make a few updates and mention various projects I was engaged in. Eventually it became apparent that the site was rather unorganized and even juvenile. So I decided to re-organize the site into a more professional setting and I moved it to a new domain. If you wish to see the original it can be found at its original domain (http://calebchild.boldlygoingnowhere.org/caleb/) as I’ve kept it for largely archival purposes.

Miscelaneous Pages