All the videos listed on this page were created by me, except where otherwise mentioned. Please reffer to this page for browsing my videos as opposed to my YouTube page, as YouTube does not allow proper organization of videos, and some videos posted here are not available on YouTube. (However, subscribing to my YouTube channel is the best way to be notified of any new videos I create.) Feel free to click on any category and browse them.

*** Please be aware that I am still in the process of organizing this page, and not all videos are available for viewing at this time, and not all pages displayed here are active. ***

Classic Gaming

A video series dedicated to some of the greatest games of yore. Originally slated to have a new episode every month, but instead new episodes will come when warranted.

The Halo Videos

Although not exclusively limited to Halo games, these videos were created with footage recorded across a few years where I had been recording nearly all my online games. Prodominatly featuring Halo 2, most of these videos are less about "showcasing awesome talent" as they are about finding different ways to have fun with the footage I collected.


Videos pertaining towards webcomics; most notably a video about my favorite webcomics and also a few promo videos for my own webcomic.

Datsun 240 Z

My dad is very proud of "Precious," his Datsun 240 Z. He requested I make a video so he can show off to his friends, as well as a video of each time he takes it to the track.


Misc, Entertainment

Various videos of an entertaining nature

Misc, Gaming

Various videos related to games and gaming

Misc, Various

All other videos that don't belong to any particular category

Development Logs

The important ones are also available on their respective project page.

Magic Castle

An active project to create a 2D side-scroller with UDK.


A semi-active project to create a Zelda-Style Action-RPG with UDK.

Ninja Mod

An innactive project to create a ninja-themed First-Person Shooter with the Unreal Engine.


Labeled as a diversion from the Ninja Mod project (as it was for a contest but was intended to be incorporated into that project at a later date) this is a set of videos showcasing the process I went through to build a level.