Mischief in Maytia

Mischief in Maytia is a webcomic about a group of friends and thier wacky shenanigans.

A group of high school students were making a film one day when they discovered something in an old well that left them in quite a bit of surprise. Joining them is a man who discovers that aliens exist; a fact which he discovers the hard way when a flying saucer crashes into his house. The group begins to have adventures together as they travel to the land of Maytia; a fantasy world of magic much like the ones told of in our myths and legends.

Mischief in Maytia first posted on August 22, 2012 and has been posting a new page every week, (with a few exceptions.) Come and enjoy the story and the artwork every week.

Mischief in Maytia is run on a separate site. Click here to visit that site, or click here to start reading from the very beginning.