Writing Projects

If there is one thing I consider myself to be, it is a writer.

Twilight Descent

Twilight Descent is a story I started writing one of those times when I went to college. It started from a simple creative writing assignment that sparked my imagination for a larger (and largely unrelated) story about superheroes, but from the perspective of the hero's secret identity's girlfriend. For a later assignment from that class, I wrote out 20 pages of a screenplay pursuing that idea. Afterward I felt that it really should be lengthened into a short television sereis, which I began writing.


Ayan is a fantasy novel I have been working on.

Various Articles

Why write a blog when you can write an article? At least when one fancies oneself as a writer, it seems the better vernacular to use. Here is a sample of various things I have written presented as articles.

Gaming Articles

Most of the things I want to voice my opinion on are related to video games, so it seems logical to put these articles into their own category.

Other Writing

A final dumping ground for everything else. Pages that aren't about writing, articles that don't belong elsewhere, and various forms of whatever.