My Favorite Comics from 2018

Compared to other years, there wasn't as much this year. Too many of the great comics keep getting taken by Hiveworks, and then become unreadable with a comic reader like comic reader. Sad day.

But that doesn't mean that we don't still have some great comics to enjoy!

I've included some manga this year; I hope you don't mind the backwards read-order.


from Grrl Power

#2 & #3

from Supervillanous, who announced they will be ending in 2019. They will be missed.

#4 & #5

from Savage Chickens


from Don't Hit Save


from Savage Chickens


from some comic I saw posted on


from Books of Adam.

(I don't have a link because I'm not sure what site is actually posting with his permission.)

#10 - #12

Savage Chicken's Freakbot trilogy!

#13 & #14

from PVP


from Curtailed


from Death Bulge

This one just makes me laugh every time.


from The Way of the House Husband

This whole manga is freaking hilarious, and you should read it. This was just a particular sample that works well without context.

The comic is about a former yakuza member who becomes a regular house-husband. I have never laughed so hard at such serious-looking visuals. It's great.


from Brawl in the Family's new book: Too Bad, Waluigi Time

#19 - #21

Savage Chickens


a comic by Bleedman


a comic by Shadman

In my mind, this is canon.


I can't find the original source of this comic. Please let me know if you can find it.


from Port Sherry

In 1998, would we really believe us if we said it was a computer phone?


from Savage Chickens


I don't have a link to the original source.

If you were on the internet in 2018, there are two things I'm sure you've seen. Bowsette is one, and this comic is the other.

When Brutus speaks, I hear Piccolo's voice in my head.




I don't have a link to the original source.


a comic by tran4of3


from Savage Chickens


a comic by Akio Sketch


from Real Life Comics


from Samuelism


from Shen Comix


from Savage Chickens


from Don't Hit Save


Presenting the best super-crown transformation ever: DOOMGUY!

another comic by Shadman


from Five-Part Bride (aka Quintessantial Quintuplets)

Okay just a little bit of context: These are four different girls and there is a guy hiding under the table (kotatsu) that they are sitting at.


This manga is freaking awesome; one of the best-written pieces I have come across. There is no fluff; every chapter honestly adds to the story or character development of what superficially seems like just another harem manga.

Go read it.


And on the subject of manga's that add fluff, here's some of the fluffiest fluff to ever fluff your heart:

from I, a Demon Lord, Took a Slave Elf as My Wife, but How Do I Love Her?


another comic I can't find the original source for.


from Supervillainous


from Savage Chickens. Last one for the year, I swear!


from Nukees

...and since that was a little bit of an off way to end this collection, here's a beautifully-drawn image from Five-Part Bride.

...Miku's wearing new headphones. Did you catch that? Because the ones she was wearing last time we saw her got wet when she fell in the water, remember?

Man, the attention to detail in this manga is AMAZING.

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