My Favorite Comics from 2014

Just for fun, I thought I would share some of my favorite comics from 2014. At least, my favorite comics from 2014 that I found in 2014. (I'm not going to update this with new comics whenever I find them.) I'm not going to rate any of these for "which one is the best" or some garbage, so these are just in *about* the order they were published. (Or that I found them, whatever.)

Some of these have been edited; I've tried to cut out spoilers for story-centric comics, and I've censored some content not suitable for this site.

In case you are interested, you can see the collections of comics from other years here.

I think that's everything. Let's get started!


from Curtailed


This April Fool's comic from Brawl in the Family

Expecting Kirby? Too bad! Waluigi time! Oh Brawl in the Family, I will miss you more than any other comic.


This page from Ensigned Cubed: Crisis of Infinite Sues

...But there's no way I can share this comic wihtout spoiling part of the story. So, if you are unfamiliar with Ensign Sue Must Die, start reading it here. And if you already are famliar with it, then this is the page I found so hilarious.


from Eat S*** and Die (Akimbo Comics)

They also made this page that I absolutely loved; you should read it too.


This cartoon by Jim Benton

Also, this one by Jim Benton


from Lunar Baboon


by Dorkly


from Matt Against the World


from Zero Percent Discount Comic


from Dragonarte


from Doodling Around

I would have slapped Umh-ba's butt, and then ran away very quickly.


I'm not sure who made this.

Okay, you might have seen the first part already. It was popular and going around on the internet. But someone else saw it and disagreed, and so they drew up this extended copy with their reply. Quite honestly, this was too good to pass up. Life is what you make of it. Even poverty stricken-kids in Africa have meaningful lives filled with love and happiness. If your life is terrible, it's because you made it that way. Stop blaming others and take control of your life.


this page from Earthsong

If I had the opportunity, I would probobly try to convince God to make this same exact change to Earth.


this page from Cyanide and Happiness

...But there was no way for me to censor the offensive content without ruining the joke. So here's the link to the page if offensive content doesn't bother you.


this cartoon from Death Bulge


from Hamlet's Danish


this comic by JohnSu


from Gone with the Blastwave

And for good measure, here's another one from Gone with the Blastwave:


from Biter Comics


from Two Guys and Guy


from Real Life

I hope you get it, because I'm not going to explain it to you.


from Dakota McFadzean


I have no idea where this came from. If you do, please tell me.


from Stupid Fox


from Sarah's Scribbles

This exact thing happened to me at Comic Con. I was walking to the convention center, and some girl called me by name, and asked me what I was wearing to Comic Con. (Half my costume was still in my bag.) I have honestly no idea who she was, and thought she was just someone making polite conversation. But she knew me by name. That just blew me away.


from PVP


from Nukees


from Simple Town Comic


These two panels from Blitz Pheonix

This is so my family right there.


from Macoatl


from The Frumps


this comic by Bleedman


from Brewster Rockit: Space Guy

This is exactly what political debate is.


from Sluggy Freelance


these three panels from a page from 164 Days


this guest page for The Abominable Charles Christopher


And finally, this comic from xkcd

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